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How does Crawl Service work. Before using is recommended to Check if your website uses Structured Data Markup.

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Processor Settings: General settings are used by default. Click, to view or change settings.

Custom Data Source

Service is ready to crawl your website and collect the necessary data automatically. Instead, you can send the prepared data in CSV format, and the crawl of your website will not be made and the appropriate handler settings will not be available. Import Data from CSV

Crawler Settings

Enable Turbo mode, use virtual proxy Average Speed/Load: Crawler Identify: Maximum indexing time: hourse Maximum number of pages: URL Indexable content types:

Crawling Options

Follow the rules set in the robots.txt file Don't crawl contents marked as noindex Don't crawl links marked as nofollow Using & consolidate canonical references Индексировать AJAX-ссылки (hashbang) Crawl through HTML forms Crawl through Framed content Crawl through Javascripts Previously Check that the URL satisfies RFC1738 Previously Check that the URL satisfies Yandex rules

Generation Settings

Include Offer Photo Include Description Форматирование описаний: Определять категории товаров Определять характеристики товаров Кодировка файла:

Параметры товаров по умолчанию

Наличие товара: Наименование категории товаров: Размерная сетка для товаров категории одежда и обувь: Валюта магазина по умолчанию:

Параметры магазина

Возможность доставки товаров Возможность самовывоза заказов Продажа в офлайн-магазине Магазин участвует в программе «Заказ на Маркете» Название компании, владеющей магазином:

Параметры доставки по региону

Стоимоть: RUR, Сроки: Бесплатная доставка товаров с ценой от: RUR

Additional files

Write data to a CSV file

User Filters

Add Data Filter:
For example: URL contains: .jpg or: URL contains: /files
URL contains: Ignore Remove Filter

+ Add Data Filter

Recommended indexing settings

If you are having any problems with creating or sending a sitemap – let us know. See also: Why my website is not indexing: possible reasons.

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