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Questions about payment

Payment methods

How can I pay for the services?
Currently you can make payments for the services in automatic mode through Visa and MasterCard, WebMoney and QIWI. If you are not able to pay for the services through above mentioned payment methods, please contact us to negotiate the convenient payment method.

Payment for services

How does payment for services occur?
Payment is carried out through entering and write-off of the received PIN-code. After the payment was made, the PIN-code will be sent to your specified E-mail. Instructions on each of available payment methods can be found on the pages of corresponding services.

How can I pay for the services Updateable Sitemaps and Updateable RSS?
Payment for these services occurs automatically by debiting funds from your balance.

Adding funds to the balance

How can I add funds to my balance?
You can add funds to your balance automatically inside your personal account (the payment is made in real-time mode)..

How often should I deposit the balance?
You have to monitor the availability of funds in your balance yourself. The balance should be deposited periodically, based on the number of pages and Web sites to be indexed.

General questions

For how long is the received PIN-code active?
Access code is active for an unlimited time. You may use it anytime you wish.

How many times can I use the received PIN-code?
The PIN-code may be used for payment for services or as balance deposit only once.

What if I purchased a PIN-code, but at the moment of launch my website was inaccessible?
Before start of the scanning MySitemapGenerator first checks the availability of the website and only then it uses your PIN-code. Therefore, in this case, your access code will not be written off and you will be able to generate a Sitemap later, when your website will work.

Received PIN-code is not accepted (Payment code is invalid)
Check to see if you enter the code correctly. For example, you can enter the cyrillic letter "" in place of the Latin "P".
The access code you receive consists only of letters of the English alphabet and numbers.

If you are unsure of the input, but the problem still exists: provide us your phone number or WebMoney wallet number, the code and the date of payment - we will solve your problem.


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