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Indexing Cyrillic Domains

Processing and deleting phpsessid and sessionID (session identifiers on PHP- and ASP-applications)

During the process of indexing your website may form session IDs. Our crawler processes and deletes session identifiers. To the Sitemap file all links will be input "clear", without identifiers, passed in URL - phpsessid (for PHP) or objects sessionID (for ASP). This helps to avoid pasting into Sitemap duplicate links, when robot receives the same page with different URLs.

Example of session identifier in PHP:

Example of session identifier in PHP:
Finally, the URL will be transformed back to a basic form:

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    Хороший сервис, всем знакомым советую.

  • Игорь, groupmuzhchinaizhens…

    Классно! Всё классно,качественно и быстро ребята сделали. Молодцы! Надеюсь на долгосрочное сотрудничество! Друзьям тоже Ваш сервис посоветую!


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