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How to use data filters?

Data filter Ц convenient tool used dudring the creation of sitemap, which allows along with page URL to specify the following important data for search engines: priority of particular pages in relation to other website pages and updating mode.
Additionally, mask allows excluding particular pages from index, which are not needed in the Sitemap file.
Data filters can be applied either for separate pages (for this you need to input full URI of the pages), or for groups of the pages (for this you need to input a part of URL, which corresponds to all similar pages. For example: Ђ.jpgї or Ђ/directory/filesї).
Please pay attention Ц data filters are case sensitive!

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  • vlad, expressgsm.ru

    ќчень хороший сервис, пользуемс€.

  • ¬адик, rxspb.ru

    —пасибо! »спользую ваш генератор сайт-мапов уже на 10ке своих сайтов. ќчень удобно!


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